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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vent Vert

   "Green how I want you green,
   green wind, green branches."

    Green is the color of money.
  Going for the green, means
  making more money.

           Green is the color of spring.

       The color green is nourishing
       to your health.

           Green is the color of ecology.

           Green is the symbol of fertility.

  Green was the preferred color for 
  wedding gowns in the 15th century.

 Green M&Ms candy are said to send
 a sexual message.

   Because of the popularity of absinthe
   in the 1860's, the Parisian cafes
   established 5PM as "L'Heure Verte"
   The Green Hour.

 Green in the language, Green Thumb,
 To get the green Light, Greenbacks,
 Greenhorn, Greener Pastures,
 Green With Envy.

            In Arthurian legends, green
            signifies mystical or 
            magical properties.

         In the Aztec culture, green was
         the color of royalty.

  Green plants visually recede.  

  When working with green 
   in Feng Shui it is important
   to have several different

           Egyptians wore green eyeliner.
           Green eye shades are still in use.

           In the color spectrum visible to
           the human eye, green occupies
           the most space.

  In Japan, green is regarded as the
  color of eternal life.

          Green symbolizes the life force.

           Green is a restful color.

           Green is the color associated
           with regeneration.

               Yellow Orchids, Green Wind

  Black Dahlia, Green Wind

            The breath of the Green Dragon


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  1. So stunningly beautiful Jimmy! We are back in PRS and would love to come and see you, and well, of course, your garden, and Ellen too.