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Friday, November 25, 2011

Beauty 2011

    In hard times, beauty can seem
    frivolous- but take it away, and all
    you're left with-is hard times.

    To drink in this beauty is to revive the

                   I hear other voices.
                   I can see other rooms.

               Like a flame in the night

    A radiant lily of the field, that 
    neither toils nor spins. 

    And the voices in my head were 
    drowned by a sea of color.

                             White Light

                             Black Light

    This lily is named Dizzy Lizzy.
    And Lizzy also neither toils nor

    A bouquet of sunflowers and
    dahlia with a glimpse of another 

    The flame of life burns brightly in
     the dark.

  I opened the door to my prop room 
  and this is what I saw.

                    Beautiful natural forms.

       A bouquet of roses, dahlias and 

          On a clear day you can see forever.

          This rose is called Princess Diana.

    A bouquet of dahlias 
    and chrysanthemums.

   There in the dark, I saw great beauty.

    And the flowers arranged themselves.

    The garden is visited by other

                 And pretty maids all in a row.

    Dahlias dressed in the colors of


               The web of the Abutilon

  Roses, Dahlia and 

                           Until Next Time

Monday, April 25, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show part 1 This blog is in 4 parts

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest world class flower show on the East Coast. This year's theme was Paris. As you will see not all the exhibits were Parisian. Two current garden themes were featured this year. They are Edible Landscaping and Flower Arranging. In keeping with the Paris theme there was an exhibit showing the work done by students of fashion design. The exhibit was changed each day to give all the prize winning students a chance to show their work. I'm putting in minimal comment because the pictures of this beautiful flower fantasy speak for themselves. As we enter we see the Eiffel Tower.   

The Philadelphia Flower Show part 2 This blog is in 4 parts after viewing please go to part 3

A Bed Of Silk Roses

The Philadelphia flower Show part 3

Cart Of Plenty

Edible Landscape

Edible Landscape

Edible Landscape

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