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Monday, March 26, 2012

L'Heure Bleue

     It was late spring just before dusk.

           Owls are the only birds that
       can see the color blue.

  In the landscape blue gives a feeling
    of distance.

   The blue of the sky and the blue of
  the ocean are perceived as a constant
  in our lives.

                           In the garden blue's
                 complimentary color
                 is orange.

                                           The Lady In Blue           

  Blue is the color of loyalty
  as in true blue.

    It is said that blue is the 
   overwhelmingly favorite color.

                In Greece the color blue 
            is believed to ward off
            the evil eye.

                Turquoise is the symbol
                 of youth.

             House and garden in the
          blue hour.

   Blue is so soothing that it is a
  good choice for pajamas.

      A blue iris means your friendship
    is important to me.

  The color blue aids intuition.

                    He sang, lavender blue
               dilly dilly lavender green.
               If I were king dilly dilly
               you'd be my queen.

  It happens once in a blue moon.

              Blue is the favorite color
           for toothbrushes.

              Dark blue is the color of


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