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Friday, November 25, 2011

Beauty 2011

    In hard times, beauty can seem
    frivolous- but take it away, and all
    you're left with-is hard times.

    To drink in this beauty is to revive the

                   I hear other voices.
                   I can see other rooms.

               Like a flame in the night

    A radiant lily of the field, that 
    neither toils nor spins. 

    And the voices in my head were 
    drowned by a sea of color.

                             White Light

                             Black Light

    This lily is named Dizzy Lizzy.
    And Lizzy also neither toils nor

    A bouquet of sunflowers and
    dahlia with a glimpse of another 

    The flame of life burns brightly in
     the dark.

  I opened the door to my prop room 
  and this is what I saw.

                    Beautiful natural forms.

       A bouquet of roses, dahlias and 

          On a clear day you can see forever.

          This rose is called Princess Diana.

    A bouquet of dahlias 
    and chrysanthemums.

   There in the dark, I saw great beauty.

    And the flowers arranged themselves.

    The garden is visited by other

                 And pretty maids all in a row.

    Dahlias dressed in the colors of


               The web of the Abutilon

  Roses, Dahlia and 

                           Until Next Time