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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nature's Gardens

The pictures in this post are of a Tortuguero River voyage I took with some friends in Costa Rica. 
 The purpose of the trip was to view the various landscape
 displays done by the spirit of each locale often called the
 genius loci.
   Here in this stillness, not a creature was stirring, not even a
   I think of the settings as landscape paintings in 3D.

   The sensuous mood of this picture is captivating.

   A picture of tranquility.

   The boatman indicates a point of interest. 

   The tree stump has become an art piece.

                     A bird posing in an art tableau.

   A picture showing the dramatic contrast of dark and light.

   Palm beside a tree with snake like roots.

   The magnificent composition is accentuated by the leaning
   Green Reflections

   Dark and light with with green philodendron accent
   in a tree.

               Trees and water with yellow tints.

   Still water and palm trees.

   Spider monkeys flying overhead from tree top to tree top.

   Can you see the monkeys in this tree?

   Tree with roots reaching into the water.

             A bird posing for pictures.

   Tree roots forming a provocative picture.

         Ode To Joy

         An Island In The Sun

Jungle Flower

      I offer this Vodoo Chant as a hymn to this beautiful place.

                   Spirit in the wood beat the hollow cane.
                   Make the spirit warm and alive again.
                   Keep the body ripe and free from pain.
                   Aye Similow, Aye Similow, Aye Similow

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