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Monday, September 30, 2013

Flower Portraits

                      This Post is a group of flower
           portraits taken in the
           Spring of 2013.
                                                    Daffodil In Spring
                                 Orchids And Amaryllis
    Shower Of Plum Blossoms
                                         Peony Tulips
   Bouquet of Clivia, Helleborus and Chasmanthe
                         Tulips Above A Terraced Garden
                                                  Amaryllis Papilio
                         All the portraits are taken
            in natural light.
   Natural light means the pictures
 are available for a very short time.
     As the light moves the picture changes.
     So you must get the picture while
   you can because when the picture
   leaves, it's gone forever.        
                         Purple Peonys
  Portrait Of A Single Tulip
                     Orange And Purple Tulips
                       Portrait Of A Rose

     Flower Pots On A Stairway
   Orange Tulips
         Daffodil Posing For A Portrait
    Fringed Tulips Named Sensual Touch
Tulips In Festive Mode
                                View From A Window
  Group Portrait Of White Tulips
  Roses Posing On A Trellis
     Amaryllis La Paz
  Peony Tulips
  The blue orchids jumped into my cart at 
  Home Depot. 
  Joyful Colors
    A portrait of an Amorous Daffodil.
                      Paeonia in a backstage interview.
                       Paeonia onstage
    A Celebration Of Life
                     A portrait of orchids in profile.
  Portrait of a Daffodil in
  breathless anticipation.
  Orchids Dancing
                     Portrait Of Chasmanthe

The following pictures are of the same bouquet    taken during light changes.

Farewell To Spring

Friday, March 1, 2013

Garden And Musings

Website by the Spider Dali

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

When in doubt, tell the truth.

It's wiser to find out than to suppose.

Warning: Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear.

Work expands to fill the available time.
He almost had a psychic girlfriend, but she    dumped him before they met.       

Choose Life

The inner light is the most important.

Whoever said it's not whether you win or lose probably lost.

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're probably right.

It takes less time to do it right than to explain why you did it wrong.
The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
Good judgment comes from experience. Experience often comes from bad judgment.

If you didn't know how old you are, how old would you be?
She said, "I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong."
Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.
The use of common sense is an uncommon practice.
The opposite of talking isn't listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.
And then along came Autumn.